As a design originating from pop-up cards, it is designed as an expansive modular system to meet the needs for travel across the continental USA. Like with the cards the exterior and interior is a study in deep contrasts. Red is the predominant exterior color to catch the visitors attention and reinforce the brand while The interior has a light modern color palette, with red used for accents.

The design is inspired by Kirigami pop-up cards that create beautiful objects and forms when opened. This approach focuses on the key themes of expanding opportunity and choice embodied in the statement, “What would you like the power to do?“ 



Following the theme of Kirigami the pop-up on campus can expand from a place of personal adventure to an all-purpose space for sales and community events. Individuals are treated to cutting edge features including the teller service bar, video conference room, advanced ATMs and a holographic greeter. This is combined with tactile activities that link individual and group activities including a wall scrabble game and  a finance book vending machine and library that will strongly augment the enthusiastic, educational community.  Finally the pop-up expands into a flexible lounge area with stadium seating for larger community activities. This design solution has the power to grow bigger and smarter together.

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