This is not only a retail store for Burt’s Bees but also it is a representative space introducing the brand. The space functions in two ways for the brand, which are campaign exhibition space and product presentation space.


Campaign exhibition space includes VR experience for 360 tours of Burt’s cabin in Maine, and Burt’s Bees Greater Good Foundation, a non-profit organization to support honey bee health and to provide better nourishing farmland for them.

The product introduction area will include sensory experiences for customers to meet all-natural ingredients to make Burt’s Bees products and be a comfortable community space for customers who are mothers of babies to interact with other brand-loyal customers, as they are interchanging information in a comfortable environment. The overall space design was inspired by the brand’s color scheme, as well as graphic icons of honeycombs. It is a welcoming, friendly, and warm space to present the brand to new or old customers.

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