The booth was designed for Intenze, which is a tattoo ink brand founded by Mario Barth. The brand prides itself on the safety and transparency of its natural vegan ingredients. Even though tattoos are now recognized as a more fashionable trend for the younger generation, the booth design is intended for bringing up and elevating the “getting a tattoo” impression for a wider audience. The booth is designed to present as clean and safe, like esthetic clinics.


White with black edges still shows characteristics of the unique design, as well as the best interpretation of design solution for using corrugated paper as a booth material. Intenze one caps was the featured product that the brand just released, so the shape of one cap inspires fixtures, such as a table, wall-mounted display cases in the booth. Visitors' experiences would be educational with playful hopscotch games on the floor and QR codes leading to the brand’s website for further information. Visitors were drawn into the booth to receive information about the brand standards while gaining fun and memorable experience.

This is the project that won the first prize for PAVE (Planning And Visual Education) competition. The project was exhibited at Globalshop Retail X 2019 in Chicago.

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